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Police Department 

4401 Rowlett Rd.
Rowlett, TX 75088


Office of the Chief 

Name Title Email Phone
Brodnax, William M. Chief of Police 972-412-6202
Godfrey, Michael Assistant Chief of Police 972-412-6208
Smith, Dawn Administrative Services Manager 972-412-6202
McGough, Michael Commander, Professional Standards Unit 972-412-6248
Savage, Kristi Accreditation Manager 972-412-6245
Leatherwood, Dr. Steven Chaplain 972-412-6202

Community Services Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Gibbs, Marvin Division Commander 972-412-6246
Harrelson, Kevin Sergeant 972-412-6240
Caldwell, Chad Community Services Officer 972-412-6242
Bell, Dianna School Resource Officer 972-412-6283
Borusqueta, Edgar School Resource Officer 972-412-6283
Freeman, Jeff School Resource Officer 972-412-6283
Garcia, Jimmy School Resource Officer 972-412-6283
Mitchell, Erick School Resource Officer 972-412-6283
Praslicka, Kelly School Resource Officer 972-412-6283
Reeves, Dana School Resource Officer 972-412-6283
Spivey, Andres School Resource Officer 972-412-6283

Criminal Investigations Division (CID) 

Name Title Email Phone
Nabors, David Lieutenant 972-412-6215
Pavageau, Wanda Administrative Assistant 972-412-6220
Cantu, Oscar Sergeant 972-412-6184
Fleck, Chance Detective 972-412-6120
Hardman, Mark Detective 972-412-6267
Helms, Guy Detective 972-412-6274
Hernandez, Cruz Detective 972-412-6294
Mayne, David Detective 972-412-6292
McKenzie, Bryan Detective 972-412-6211
Sawyer, Chris Detective 972-412-6293
Shing, Eric Detective 972-412-6212

Emergency Communications Section 

Name Title Email Phone
English, Beth Emergency Communications Director 972-412-6148
Parks, Michelle Communications Supervisor 972-412-6200
Ceasar, Hannah Communications Supervisor 972-412-6200
Heil, Dustin Communications Officer 972-412-6200
Hurd, Ashley Communications Officer 972-412-6200
McCord, Tasha Communications Officer 972-412-6200
Ilaoa, Malia Communications Officer 972-412-6200
Manukian, Remy Communications Officer 972-412-6200
Stanley, Steven Communications Officer 972-412-6200
Webb, Wylie Communications Officer 972-412-6200
Wilson, Rhonda Communications Officer 972-412-6200

Patrol Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Brantley, Leroy Division Commander-Days 972-412-6244
Miller, Dan Division Commander-Nights 972-463-3998
Caillet, Rick Sergeant 972-412-6272
Waters, David Sergeant 972-412-6280
Caves, Chris Sergeant 972-412-6157
Poos, Dean Sergeant 972-412-6205
Gallardo, Domingo Sergeant 972-412-6149
Baldwin, Greg Sergeant 972-412-6119
Stevens, Dale Sergeant 972-463-3973

Name Title Email Phone
Ferrie, Steve Lieutenant 972-412-6241
Hoff, Charles Traffic Officer 972-463-3910
Hoedebeck, Bill Traffic Officer 972-412-6250
Moore, Wesley Traffic Officer 972-463-3973
Castiglione, Anthony Sergeant 972-412-6227

Name Title Email Phone
Ferrie, Steve Support Services Lieutenant 972-412-6241

4000 Main Street Rowlett, TX 75088