Downtown Municipal Management District


The following are the minimum qualifications for being a Director of a Municipal Management District.


All voting directors must be residents of Rowlett, Texas

Property owners or developers

Directors may not own property or be developers seeking to develop property within the boundary of the municipal management district

Specialized knowledge and skills

Directors must have documentable knowledge, skills and/or experience in financial, real estate, economic development or other financial acumen

Such criteria may be met by holding relevant graduate or undergraduate degree(s); work as an employee, owner or partner in a relevant business or firm; or some other combination of knowledge or skills indicating that the applicant meets the minimum qualifications


The Downtown Management District will be comprised of five voting directors appointed by City Council, and three non-voting ex-officio directors. The Directors will serve four-year staggered terms. Directors will be considered to be public officials entitled to governmental immunity. They will be subject to conflict of interest statues. They must take an oath of office and be bonded. And they will not entitled to compensation but may be reimbursed for necessary expenses.

Member Position Term Expires
Open Voting Director June 1, 2013
Open Voting Director June 1, 2013
Open Voting Director June 1, 2015
Open Voting Director June 1, 2015
Open Voting Director June 1, 2015
Brian Funderburk City Manager, Ex officio Continuous
Jim Proce Assistant City Manager, Ex officio Continuous
Marc Kurbansade Director of Development Services, Ex officio Continuous

Become a Director

Applications are available in the City Secretary’s Office in the City Hall Municipal Center at 4000 Main Street. Completed applications can be dropped off at the City Secretary’s Office, faxed to 972-412-6118 or emailed to the City Secretary’s Office.