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Grass Clippings and Stormwater:

Blowing grass clippings, and leaves into the street or storm drain is a violation of the Rowlett Code of Ordinances, Sec 22-122.  Blowing, sweeping or depositing yard waste into the storm drain may cause drain to become clogged and cause flooding.  Also, blowing, sweeping or depositing yard waste on sidewalk, street or driveway can lead to the waste ending up in the creek or lake during rain events, which can kill fish and other aquatic life.  

Tips to help keep yard waste on the lawn where it belongs:

  • Leave it on the lawn
  • Blow or sweep grass clippings into yard
  • Compost

For more information regarding yard waste visit - North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) - Yard Waste Brochure for Homeowners (English/Spanish) and for Landscape Maintenance Companies (English/Spanish).

For more information, contact Neighborhood Services at 972-412-6283.

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