Payment Information

Terms and Conditions for Online Payments

The following terms and conditions apply to Online payments.

  1. Online payments will not be accepted for:
    • Driving Safety Course (commonly known as Defensive Driving)
    • Deferred Disposition that has not already been granted by the Court
    • Cash Bonds
    • Juvenile Cases (defendant under the age of 17)
    • Payments for individuals in custody
    • Partial Payments that have not already been granted by the Court
  2. If you pay online, you are waiving your right to a trial.
  3. A plea of No Contest and a disposition of Guilty will be entered on your case.
  4. All payments made after 5:00 pm will be posted the following work day.
  5. Any payments made 30 days after the date of judgment will be subject to a $25 Time Payment Fee
     required by the State.

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If you do not agree to these terms and conditions listed above, please go to How to Handle Your Citation.