Code of Ordinances

Do you have questions concerning specific regulations or laws? Do you need information regarding the noise ordinance? Or building codes? Or animal limitations within the City?

With the simple click of a button, you have access to a consolidated collection of statutes or guidelines enacted by the City of Rowlett. The City of Rowlett Code of Ordinances is available online, or in the City Secretary’s Office.

The ordinances listed below have not been codified in the online Code of Ordinances but will be included in Supplement 20.

  • Ordinance Number ORD-026-20:  Amending Form Based Codes
  • Ordinance Number ORD-029-20:  Amending Chapter 2 - Code of Ethics for Certain Officers
  • Ordinance Number ORD-012-21:  Amending Chapter 70 - Industrial Waste
  • Ordinance Number ORD-013-21: Amending Chapter 2 - Board of Adjustment
  • Ordinance Number ORD-014-21: Amending Chapter 78 - 2020 National Electrical Code
  • Ordinance Number ORD-015-21: Amending Chapter 78 - 2018 International Property Maintenance Code
  • Ordinance Number ORD-016-21: Amending Chapter 78 - Lawn Irrigation Systems
  • Ordinance Number ORD-017-21: Amending Chapter 78 - 2018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code
  • Ordinance Number ORD-031-21: Amending Chapter 22 - Environment (Public Swimming Pools and Spas)