Volunteer Program

Take an Active Role in Your Community and Volunteer!

As a volunteer with the City of Rowlett you will have an opportunity to put your knowledge, talent and energy toward improving the quality of life in your community. The Volunteer Program provides a broad source of expertise, talent and manpower for City programs as well as an avenue for you to participate in your local government. You will also benefit by gaining a greater understanding and appreciation for how your City operates and be instrumental in strengthening our community's bond.

Volunteer Opportunities

This is a flexible program and you can give the time you feel is right. The City provides a wide variety of opportunities ranging from a couple of hours to long-term assignments in most city departments and through special projects and events. The Volunteer Program is dedicated to citizen involvement and we are always looking for new ideas, so if you have an interest or special talent to share, we want to talk to you! 

If you are 16 or older, please fill out and submit the Volunteer Enrollment Form* to get started.

The City also has volunteer opportunities in organizations specifically designed to support emergency services and preparedness.

*Please do not fill out this form if you have Court Ordered Community Service Hours to complete. CS hours may be earned at the Rowlett Animal Shelter.

Volunteer Recognition

Since 2001, volunteers have been recognized annually at the Boards and Commissions Volunteer Banquet, with one outstanding volunteer being honored by City staff as the City of Rowlett Volunteer of the Year. Beginning in 2005, Rowlett Mayors have had the pleasure of recognizing another volunteer with the Richard Huff Excellence in Community Service Award, named in honor of one of Rowlett's most civically engaged citizens.

Background Checks

Background checks are required prior to placement in any of the City of Rowlett Volunteer Programs.