Library Volunteer Application and Waiver

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Please contact the Rowlett Animal Shelter at 972-412-6219 or the Parks Department at 972-412-6263 if you need to do court ordered community service, which cannot be done at Rowlett Public Library. Each library volunteer applicant must be 16 years or older. Complete one form for each person. You may submit a completed form online, by fax, or in person. You will be called to come in for a short interview. For more information, please contact the Library Volunteer Coordinator at 972-412-6161.

Please list two references (volunteer organizations, school, business, friend):

Please complete the "Volunteer Waiver" below. The form must be completed before your application can be processed. You may submit the completed "Volunteer Waiver," as well as the "Volunteer Application," either online, by fax, or in person. Thank you for your spirit of volunteerism!

By checking the "Agree" boxes below, I affirm that I understand the rules and guidelines of the Volunteer Waiver.

Waiver of Liability

In consideration of the City of Rowlett allowing me to participate in the Volunteer Program, and being aware of the possible injuries that could occur as a result of that participation, I on behalf of myself (my minor child / children) release the City of Rowlett officials, employees, agents, instructors from any and all injuries and damages whatsoever arising from participation in the Volunteer Program. I, my heirs and representatives , agree to indemnify, save and hold harmless the City of Rowlett, its officials, employees and agents from any and all claims made by me (my child / children) or my insurer for injuries or damages related to participation in the Volunteer Program. I certify that all information provided on this application and during the interview process is true and complete. I understand that falsification or significant omissions of any information may be considered justification for non-acceptance or dismissal if discovered at a later date and that appointment to a volunteer position may be contingent upon the completion and review of a criminal background check.
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